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[15] WubaLubaDubDuble Barrel Shotgun

Epic broke the meta on purpose. Join us as we  figure out how its been put back together. Join our Discord!

6 thoughts on “[15] WubaLubaDubDuble Barrel Shotgun

  1. Great episode guys

  2. I have been listing to your podcast science the beginning and i am a huge fan unfortunately i play on the xbox

    1. No worries we got crossplay now! my Epic name is Xobbes-. Add me!

  3. My username is Landonite06 you can find me on fortnite tracker and on the xbox

  4. It would be great if i could get some advice from you guys because I’ve been playing for 5 months and I’ve never won a game but I’m really good

    1. Landon you got it. we will play some duos and see if we can get that Dub
      Add me on Epic and will play. My epic name is xobbes-! Thanks for listening man!

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